College Readiness Program

Students coming from low-income and/or immigrant backgrounds often miss out on a lot of resources that are available for their college preparedness. Often they are the first generation in their family to go to college. In our college readiness program, students will learn through information sessions, assignments, and mentors about how navigate this important phase of their lives. Students will be matched with a suitable mentor from major of their interest, who will serve as a guide and a helping hand. In addition, students will complete weekly assignments that will help them to get into a secondary program of their choice and liking. 

Our College Readiness Program is currently closed. Please apply starting  June 1, 2018 to get into the Spring 2018 class.

Career Readiness Program

Statistics show that college alone is not sufficient to land a job. Our Career Readiness program will help students navigate through college, pick the right career for them, as well as help them land internships and jobs. This is year-long commitment where a mentee gets matched with a mentor who has experience in the desired field. The mentee will complete assignments, sit in one-on-one semester-round meetings with their mentors, and apply to the suggested internships and jobs. Mentees will graduate this program with much needed networking, technical, and interviewing skills that will help them find the right job.

We are currently accepting applications for our Career Readiness Program. Apply Here